ORA Premium Picasso and more

Here is a list and some pics of some of this weeks arrivals…
*ORA Premium Picasso clowns
*ORA Picasso
*ORA Ocellaris
*ORA Black ocellaris
*ORA Red sea two band clown (Bicinctus) Lg.
*ORA Banggai cardinals
*ORA striped blenny
*ORA Blackline blenny
*ORA smiths blenny
*ORA Red goniopora
*Hawkins echinata

*Algae blenny
*blue line rabbit
*strawberry pseudo
*Small Humu trigger
*Orange linkia star
*choc chip stars
*emerald crabs
*cleaner shrimp
*harlequin shrimp
*red leg crabs
The second order was supposed to be way bigger , but more than half of it was a no show. Few more items will be arriving today.

Best regards,
*Premium Picasso side 1
*premium Picasso side 2
*Picasso 1 side 1
*picasso 1 side 2

*Picasso 2 side 1
*picasso 2 side 2
*Cool christmas type favia
*Ultra wellsophyllia
*ultra red wellsophyllia

*Orange eye goniopora
*Ultra Alveopora
*Nice blue zoanthids
*Encrusting green palys
*Red War looking favites hoping it gets a bit redder :slight_smile: