ORA Snowflake Clownfish Grade A & B Pair

Video is from Summer I’ll post some fresh pictures or video tomorrow.

All 3 are for sale
the 2 bigger are paired up and are close to breeding. They have kicked the little one out of the nest.
Pair grade A premium sells for $269 and grade B premium around $80-100 online .female is the grade A and male grade B $325/pair $250/pair

Grade B small $75 $65

These do have have blue hue which give them there elite status. Very healthy and eat everything you feed them.

Feed them some cyclopseeze! They’ll sell faster! ; )

They eat cyclopeeze, mysis, live or frozen brine, purple seaweed sheets, pellets, flake.
the adults are somewhere around 3" +/- .5" female is about 1/2" bigger then the male.

The 8-10" Sebae they have hosted will be for sale after the clownfish are gone but not before since it is there home.

Still available.


I am asking for less then what these sell for in the stores or online. Mine are bigger then the ones in the stores or online. They have been paired up for atleast 7 months in my tank.
Would consider trading for a mp40w/es. Other then that no trades please.

Still available.

Lowered the price.