Ordering Frozen Food

I was thinking of ordering some frozen food from Dr Foster’s and Smith, or any other places anyone knows of. Their shipping for frozen food is 25 bucks flat for all that i can get. Was just wondering if anyone wanted to order some frozen food to, we could split the order. Im going to order next Tuesday so we can exchange money for food at the armco/reg meeting.

Let me know…

well for 25 bucks shipping why not buy locally? support the lfs!

yeah, what type frozen food? i buy frozen brine shrimp and mysis in one or two pound slabs for not too much. they go a long way. other varieties available too from local stores. or TFP

where do you buy that…

the fish bowl

Ok, ill have to pick some up… what about cyclopeeze

what about cyclopeeze

i think most people use and prefer the freeze dried cyclopeeze which can be picked up at most LFS i would imagine. I know for sure that DPA stocks it and i would be surprised if others did not.

You should be able to buy most frozen food locally. I know DPA has a large selection and i would think ECA does as well since he’s always giving it away ;D Some of the newer, and higher end frozen/refrigerated foods like Rods, Reef Nutrition, etc can be a little tougher to get locally but its probably worth making some calls.

personally, ive alwasy been a big hikari fan. ive used frozen hikari foods pretty much exclusively for the last five years with no issues. quality food, lots of variety, and pretty much available everywhere locally in cubes and flat packs.

I get my frozen food from Charlie at DPA, good pricing and it’s right there no waiting.

$25 shipping! Even if you saved a buck per package you’d have to order 25 packs to break even. Would take a long time for your three fish to go through that. That and your supporting an evil cooperation vs your local friendly LFS. Keep it local.

[quote=“billrob71, post:8, topic:2295”]
I get my frozen food from Charlie at DPA, good pricing and it’s right there no waiting.[/quote]

Ditto. I actually think he has the best selection and pricing on frozen out of any the LFS I go in and out of.(which is a lot of stores)

fine fine fine…

its not in any direction im going… hmm everywhere i have to go is Wilmington hmm, ill have to find sometime to get down there…

anyone have homemade frozen slabs they would be willing to sell?

bill over a greenbank doesnt have the greatest selection but he does have frozen cyclopeeze, most/all hikari frozens. his selction isnt as great as charlies but prices are the same.

I have no idea who bill, or charlie is??

bill- owner of greenbanks

charlie- owner of premium aquatics

thanks much… thanks all i guess ima go stop in

greenbank is in wilmington, not the city. its right behind the pep boys in prices corner

ok, i just got hooked up with all the food i will need for some while…