Organizing the BBQ

Summer is upon us and I know most people have other things to do. We would still like to have our club BBQ events, but it seems that we are lacking of organizers. Of course I would be doing it, but due to the new job and no time what so ever I will not be able to plan or possibly attend the event at all due to my days off not being on a weekend. Other officers are able to help, but not able to organize it.

So, at this point we would like to see if anyone would like to volunteer to organize the BBQ? We need a location, not specifically have to be at anyone house. It can be anywhere that will accommodate us. Some of us was looking at having it at a beach, park or a lake near by. Of course if you have any ideas please let us know. The club will pay for food and drinks and everything else, but not for adult beverages (BYOB).

Please let me know if anyone would like to volunteer and organize this BBQ. And thank you for your time.