Pacific East Aquaculture Tour 2023

Saturday 4/29/23
12-3 pm

107 School St, Mardela Springs, MD 21837-2453, United States

Tour of the facility
Q&A by Dr. Mac

“Welcome to the unique and fascinating world of Pacific East Aquaculture! We are a Maryland certified and licensed coral aquaculture facility with fifteen 12ft by 3ft raceways and numerous other systems chocked full of thousands of corals, fish, and inverts. We operate a greenhouse with natural sunlight and a large indoor coral farming facility with LED lighting and a huge selection of every type of livestock.

We are not your typical local fish store, nor is this a part-time sideline business, we are full time crazy about reef aquariums and providing you with great livestock and an even better shopping experience.”

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Can’t wait!

I’m going for sure!!

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Yeah Ill be there. I love that place.

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My Wife’s birthday on the 28th so i doubt i will be going…

Even though this is the 29th?

Yeah saturday is the day my family can get together normallly. So we celebrate birthdays and special occasions on Saturdays. I have 6 kids so I have to plan events around days when they are all available.

Just an idea? If the club rented a passenger van and designated spots to pick up members along the way to Dr. Mac’s would this inspire more people to attend?

I’ll be there. Driving down from Middletown. It’s a hike, but definitely worth the trip for anyone who hasn’t seen this place for themselves. And Dr. Mac is one of the coolest, down to earth guys you’ll ever meet. Last year he had some great info to share on water parameters and his experience collecting and propagating in the wild, etc. Really interesting AND informative.


Checking in to make sure this is still happening.

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Yes it is!!

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I’m going for sure, hope to see a bunch of people there

Had a great time, thanks to everyone who showed up!

I picked up a few nice pieces:

  • Blood Pool montipora cap.

  • Pink and Blue tipped, green torch

  • Several varieties of zoas (mostly pink) on ones rock

  • Got my blue spotted Rhodactis mushrooms

  • Also picked up a mosaic fromia star fish

I’ll post pictures once everything has been in the tank a few days

What did everyone get?

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I picked up a really nice torch!

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Here it is opening up this morning. It has an irredescent combination of pastel colors.

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I had a wonderful time talking with some members, sharing thoughts.
What a great facility Pacific East Aquaculture.
I picked up 2 colorful acro frags from DR. Mac. Thanks for the lunch.


Here is the torch coral I got.
It’s hard to tell but there are blue and pink tips on the same coral.


Cotton candy torch Donavon!

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Thanks Will, Dr Mac claims not to subscribe to the “name game”

It is nice, I have one just like it that has only pink tips I wonder if they are the same coral.

If I had LED lighting it would be more pronounced