Pacific East Aquaculture Visit

I visited PEA this afternoon for the first time since they reopened in May 2021. And all I can say is “AWESOME”.
The facility has been renovated completely and it is amazing.
They added a giant tank and it is beautiful, a SPS grow out tank, that has some really nice SPS colonies in it. And they have tons of soft corals and more.
I read that the club is thinking of having a physical meeting some time in September, my suggestion, after talking to Dr. Mac and Rachel, is that they would be happy to host a club visit.


Lori and I were there about 2 months ago and yes WOW. It is as said, fantastic. Picked up some SPS,s and Lori got some zoas for her tank.

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@Donavon @TheProfessor
Let’s do it!!