Pacific East Aquaculture's Coral Concierge!

My name is Alyssa and I would like to introduce myself! I have worked with Dr. Mac and his team at Pacific East Aquaculture for a few years now and I am excited to say that I will be the primary person posting on all of the forums that we sponsor from now on. I have traveled a lot for Dr. Mac attending frag swaps and shows all over the United States! I started working with P.E.A. during college and just completed my degree in Marine Biology this past May. I have started full-time with Dr. Mac as Pacific East Aquaculture’s “Coral Concierge”. Any question that you may have about any of our livestock I will be more than happy to answer. I have also work for the Smithsonian in one of their Chemical Ecology/ Water Chemistry labs, where I gained a great deal of experience with a lot of different aspects of marine water chemistry. Through college most of my independent research was primarily focused on water chemistry and many different areas of coral research.

Georgia Aquarium

My fiance Kyle (Pacific East Aquaculture’s Director of Aquaculture) and I behind the scenes at the Georgia Aquarium’s large reef tank

Reba and I

 Welcome Alyssa 

I talked to Kyle at out frag swaps

Some folks have asked what does a Coral Concierge do?

Basically, my job is just like that of a concierge at a high end hotel. I help you in any way I can to make your experience with PEA the best it possibly can be! That means I will be following up with you when you place your order, the day you receive it, a couple weeks later and so on. Plus, I want to know everything I can about your tank and how I can help you make it the ultimate reef you want. I can also help you find anything that you want! Customer Service at Pacific East Aquaculture has always been of high priority! By creating a Coral Concierge position, customer service at Pacific East Aquaculture will be like no other Aquarium livestock provider. Anything that you are looking for we can get! If we do not already have it in stock we will definitely find exactly what you are looking for. Dr. Mac travels all over the World on a regular basis hand selecting stock for our facility. If there is some you are looking for, just let me know and I will be sure he picks it up for you! You can ask any of our staff members anything you would like. All four of our full-time staff members have degrees in biology and are highly educated in the field. Any of us can answer any questions you may have.

Pacific East Aquaculture has a collection station in French Polynesia where we have been importing many new fish into the Hobby. Some of these fish include the Rare Atavai/ Tahitian Sunset Wrasse, Flame Tail Hawkfish, and many others. There are many remote islands of French Polynesia that our collectors collect at where they are finding some really rare fish and clams. French Polynesia also has the highest density of Maxima clams and these clams known to the the most BEAUTIFUL clams in the world! Pacific East Aquaculture is the exclusive importer of the French Polynesian Maxima clams and we supply them to the Wholesalers in the United States and also sell thousands of them retail! We have been culturing Maxima clams in French Polynesian for over two years now and they are recently becoming available to the hobby in this past year! Basically, WE ARE THE CLAM GUYS! In addition to French Polynesia, Dr. Mac has also set up a collection station in the Solomons Islands where we regularly import maricultured colonies of SPS coral. Pacific East Aquaculture is all about sustainability and culturing coral! At our facility we culture thousands of coral species. Much of our SPS coral are cultured in our green house! Our facility is definitely one of kind and well worth a visit! On a weekly basis we have people from all over the country who travel to visit and purchase from our retail facility. If you have not checked out our website in a while, take the time to do so. We have a lot of great stock posted and more to come in the next few weeks. We are getting in some pretty large shipments in the coming weeks from all over the World.

I am a hobbyist myself and love to hear about other peoples tanks, what they have them stock with and ect, so feel free to share.

Here are a few pictures of my tanks:

16 gallon Innovative marine nuvo

29 Gallon Mixed Tank