Palau Clams and New Stock Posted!

100% Cultured Palau Crocea and Maxima clams are now posted! These clams are from our newest supplier and this is the first time they have been brought in to us! Lots of REALLY nice choices! Keep an eye out for the Palau Squamosa and Derasa clams that will be posted within the next few days.

Crocea Clams

Maxima Clams

Also recently posted some REALLY nice Aussie, Colonies, Gorgonians and Pieces of the Reef! Be sure to check these out!

Lots of beauties available! They are going fast so be sure to grab your favorites!!! Check out the cultured Polynesian Maximas as well!

100% Cultured Palau Croceas

100% Cultured Palau Maximas