Hello, I bet we all got boxes full of foam packing peanuts from all that stuff we buy on the internet at 3:00 AM. and what the heck to do with them after you unpack that little treasure you bought. Like me, some of you might have saved big bags of the little things and dont want to just dump them in the trash.

Well you don’thave to trash them, they can be recycled near by. I checked the loose fill network and found this search for delaware locations. just type in delaware, that should be enough. and find a handful of places that will take them and reuse them. Uhh, the first one seems to be a bad number.
Edit by Jon, do what Ken said, do NOT put your city in just use Delaware.

Happy to say, i just dropped off a couple big trash bags and big box full at the POSTNET mailing shop in Fox Run Plaza. they took a 5 foot long box a lightstrip came in too to reuse.

I feel better now, hows about you?

At my work we have a big shipping desk and we save all the boxes and peanuts we get in and reuse them. Its cheaper because we dont have to buy boxes to send stuff out in and pretty much all the boxes are still good so why just throw them out?

and i thought you didnt care about the environment :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey i didnt say i didnt care about the environment lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Ken you rock for making this post. I have 4 FULL Extra large trash bags in a closet in the basement! Been saying for months now I would take them somewhere to get them reused vs. trashing them.

More room in the basment! Maybe I can get a hamster again…

It couldn’t find anything for Newark DE, 19702, but Ken found a place less then a mile from my house! Just click Delaware as Ken said and leave the rest blank.

Yes, i can’t bear to toss them in a landfill either. The Fox Run Plaza postnet mailing store took mine and the big box a T5 light hood came in too. The box was like new and they said they could reuse it too. so that was great.

Hey Jon, does that mean your putting up the hampster trail again>?

I asked Steph to read this thread to gauge her response when reading that line. There was no response. If she doesn’t say know that means she knows I am considering it and isn’t saying no right?