Peppermint shrimp eating my coral

??? I picked up 2 peppermint shrimp several months ago, all has been well with them until i started placing SPS into my tank. There is only one of them that is the problem. I picked up a poccillopora colony from someone on here, the first few days it looked GREAT…suddenly, i was noticing that some polyps weren’t extending. Since then I have seen this peppermint shrimp on it eating away. I have moved it to my frag rack and moved the frag rack towards the top of my tank and last night, after lights went off i shine a light in there and whatcha know … the shrimp managed to get to it there as well … Has anyone heard of this?

Might have to do a little research. I myself never heard of peppermint shrimp messing with any corals, but then again shrimp are very unpredictable. Are the area where the shrimp suppose to be eating lost its polyps or just close due to shrimp walking on it? if lost, it maybe time for you to get it out of the tank.

I guess its decision time for you now whether to keep the shrimp in that thank or put it somewhere it won’t disturb the coral again.

Ive done some searching on google and a few people are claiming the same thing, however everyone else says there is no possible way. And its actually eating the coral … and royally ticking me off … wonder what the easiest way is to catch this thing … ill post a pic that i took last night

there are a couple of different shrimp that get named peppermint shrimp and not all are reef safe.
(Lysmata wurdemanni) is the one known to be reef safe.
Some stores even mix up camel shrimp with peppermint shrimp, and camel shrimp will eat corals.

And if your shrimp is a Lysmata wurdemanni your coral may of been stung or hurt by something else and the shrimp may just be eating the dying tissue.

Try to fashion a cover for the coral at night like a empty soda bottle with small holes in it.

Thats what I thought, but this coral has been doing great and once this shrimp found it…game over. It is practically destroying the thing and I pray to god it recovers. Of course this is my biggest coral in the tank to as i just made the switch to SPS … maybe i should try fragging off the bad spots now and get the shrimp out of the tank and pray it recovers.

I went to my LFS and bought peppermint shrimp and when I got home I realized one of the “peppermint shrimp” was actually a camel shrimp. So maybe you got one of those instead of a peppermint?

maybe the shrimp is eating Acro eating flat worms or red bugs on the acro.

I’ve never heard of peppermints messing with sps other than them walking in it or whatever. I have heard of them going after LPS corals and clams, pretty much tearing them open on occasion. I’ve heard the reason they’ll go after certain corals is they’re finding food there, maybe leftovers from feeding getting caught in it or LPS corals eating. Once they associate a coral with food it’s pretty much over.

Also like others said, lots of vendors sell peppermints but they are often mixed together with other types of peppermints or camels. Peppermints from the pacific are more assertive, while the ones from the Caribbean are the real peppermints you want to keep. Camel shrimp will eat corals without question but IIRC they usually go after softies and LPS.

Beats me … Ive heard of people having a issue but it is not common at all. Figures I would be the only one in the state to have this issue! The other shrimp don’t bother it at all. Even when the one is on my pocci the other is close by on a rock and has never touched it. I’m not sure what to do other than to get it out of my tank. The worst thing is, they do a great job with aptasia.

That’s it.

Well, if it were me, I would do the inverted bottle trap and catch it, then sump him.

[quote=“Sneeyatch, post:10, topic:6944”]
That’s it.

Well, if it were me, I would do the inverted bottle trap and catch it, then sump him.[/quote]

+1 Get him out amd put him in another tank or sump/jail.