Phenominal Livestock this week!

We have been busy all weekend adding all kinds of corals and other livestock to our site. This is the week to order!!!

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Fish and More


The Best Live Rock Available ANYWHERE

A few samples
Lots of Ultra Grade Maxima Clams–Great Volume Discounts

Red Pistol Shrimp–Orange also available!!

Lots of Australian corals added
Rainbow Acans

Super Nice Aussie Zoanthids

Aussie Platygyra

All kinds of Palys and Zoas added–frags and colonies!

Lots of new corals and more posted, here are just a few examples:

Montipora Triple Frag Pak
We have posted lots of these paks–great price for 3 super nice frags

Blue Spotted SUPERMAN Mushroom

SUPERMAN Rhodactis

Lots of INCREDIBLE Ultra Maxima Clams

Turquoise Platygyra

Red Rhodactis sanctithomae

Electric GLOW IN THE DARK Zoas

Lemon Lime Polyp Blue Montipora

New Livestock Posted Daily