Pink Bird’s Nest

I have a huge colony of Pink Bird’s nest that I am looking to cut down. The pieces will be good size colonies. Anybody interested?

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Yes I am interested in a nice chunk. $$$?

Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner when could you pick it up?

What is the price ? Do you have photos?

It’s free and I don’t have pictures but it’s a great looking birdsnest

This weekend. Where do you live. Would you like a RBTA and or a green slimmer frag. Also free.

Ohh cool well how do we link up ? I have a Birds of paradise birdsnest and I think a pink one would be a great addition. I’m in mid DE

I maybe interested as well in a piece and can trade you an orange Digi green hairy shroom or zoas. I’m in Smyrna de

i would be interested based on the stylophora doing so well, but I’m hesitant as I haven’t ever had any luck with birdsnest

Sorry I am out of frags but I will post again next time I Frag the colony

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