Planets Collide This Week

The planets of AMAZING SELECTION and AWESOME SALE collide this week—but never fear, this collision results in an explosion of joy for every coral collector!!

We have an AMAZING SELECTION of corals posted this week including ultra colored Acropora and other SPS, all types of LPS corals, a huge selection of Aussies corals, Ricordea of every color, rare mushrooms, a mind-blowing array of zoas and palys, and a lot more.

WYSIWYG frags are 40% off, Aussie corals are up to 50% off, Dr. Mac Hand-Picked corals on sale, and more!!

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All available corals–MORE POSTED DAILY!!!

Behind The Scenes Info

A few examples of corals available this week check us out today we have a lot to offer!!

RARE Blue X-Men Polyp

RARE Yellow Jacket Palys

Midnight Blue Palys

Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker Palys

Pokerstar Montipora

RARE Stylocoeniella

Orange Rainbow Acanthastrea echinata

Australian Neon Reverse Prism Favia

Hardy Red Goiopora

Christmas Favia

We have so many other nice corals it is just incredible, check them all out here:
We update daily!!!

More new livestock posted every day, here are a few we just posted:

Red Hot Chili Peppers Mushroom

Bahamma Mama Zoanthids

Galaxy Explosion Palys

Flaming Black Cherries Palys

Metallic Teal Platygyra

Mottled Moon Favia

Red Rock Anemone

Red Puffy Cynarina

Bright Orange Polyp Montipora

Yellow Dendrophyllia

Huge Variety–Great Sales–Check us out:

KA-BONG!!! I heard them collide. The corona colors are… inspirational!