My classes are starting a new unit next week, and I am trying to find some interactive websites that deal with tectonics/continental drift/fossil beds. Anyone have any ideas?



The USGS website has a lot of maps, although they aren’t interactive to my knowledge. I would try searching through their website.

Cool subject. One of my favorite topics. the Slow migration of continents. Right now I could think of siesmic activity monitoring sites i check in on. like global monitoring of eathquakes which mostly happen on tectonic faults :

or California:

and then for fun and relaxation you can tune into the whale song site. thats kinda of a seismic anomoly. according to Hunt for Red October. but the Navy does do a lot of listening and records sounds of earth movements. Like fault zones.

thats all until i find some more. Good luck with the study program. Its an interesting one. Are you a teacher?

this looks promising for a school curiculum purchase.
links here.

and continental drift animations:

a printable PDF?

Any Help?