Please test the new site

Hi Guys and Gals, I need you to go to
and test the new site and forum, post away test out new features like being able to upload picture and embed videos

Let me know what you like and don’t like and what you would like added.

Hi Hudz. it lets me log in ok. i made a reply post. post preview works too. but i noticed all my deleted private messages are listed, as deleted, and that consequently my PM folder is 600% full!!

what is the FRIENDS AND FOES tab.? all those tabs ask for a new log in, even while i m logged in to remember on the site.

Private messages should be fixed now

FRIENDS AND FOES tab lets you do just that create your own friends ad foes list

members added to your foes list will have their PMs and forum post hidden from you
friend will show up as an easy access list for sending PMs

You should not have to log into each tab.
and I can not repeat the issue using your permissions.

Can we get some others to try out the friend and foes tab, if it’s not something we want I can always get rid of it.

I got a message about being added to or by administration?

yep you should of as the system sent out emails to everyone letting them know that their account had been migrated to the new site, still very few testers.

I would hate to turn the old site off and find people are having a problem with the new one, but if no one wants to test the old site will stop working all together after the next PHP upgrade.

My recent topics doesnt seem to be updated on the new site. the topics are a couple of days old now.

The new site is not a mirror of this one it is a whole new site and forum with just the post from this one imported. So once I import them there is no sync or anything like that and every time I import I have to run two filters afterwards and reset all the members permissions again, so not something to keep doing.

It doesn’t resize to fit my note3?it cuts off the entire right margen

Thanks jason I have same phone and was going to say I was having same problem

OK I have made some more updates, check it out let me know
it’s really hard to get it to scale to portrait on phones but landscaped should work now.

I also have the module that shows recent post staying open even on the forum
it does take up some space so let me know if you want that there or not.