Poll on Speaker Presentation Topics

Hello everyone!

I reached out to Joanna Vega (public relations director and board member of MASNA). We are both members of the Women In Reefing group and I met her at the Orlando MACNA. She has graciously offered to present to our club but we need to vote on a topic!

Please select which topics you are interested (more than 1 is ok) and the one with the most interest will be selected.

Topics options:
Fragging for the hobbyist
Troubleshooting common reef tank issues
How to get from Cycle to a Healthy Reef in 6 months
What Equipment Matters in a Reef Tank
How to plan your livestock selections for success
Aquascaping for coral growth and success

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Fraging for the hobbyist
What equipment matters
Thanks Jessica, this should be great.

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Fragging for hobbyist

Fragging or troubleshooting. The others are great as well but they seem limited to specific phases in the hobby. Where I feel frigging or troubleshooting would be useful for any reefer at some point.

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Jessica — great idea and thanks!

I’d be interested in any of the topics so I’ll let others weigh in.

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Do you mind making an announcement on Facebook to encourage people to vote?

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Fragging for the hobbyist - Starting to do that more now. If there was time, Troubleshooting common reef tank issues.