Potential GB on entire tank system...

i found this on craigslist…heres how it was listed…

I have a 56 cube fish tank and stand for sale.

here is a list of what I have

-56 cube fish tank
-nice stand
-100+ pounds live rock
-1 koralia 4
-3 fish, 2 domino damsels, one small one large, 1 wrasse
-1 horse shoe crab
-a few small mushrooms
-2 cabbage corals
-mag-na-float cleaner

also comes with
-fish food, dry and frozen

will sell rock seperately 3.50 per pound

or complete salt water set up for 400 or best offer
will take serious offers
let me know if interested or want to see set up

please email me at whineywags09@yahoo.com

I was just trying to see if there is enough interest to get money up to buy this entire setup, and people get whatever they were interested in…Id want half the rock…