Power Compacts for sale

I have a set of Power Compacts for sale. The complete set is around 4 yrs old. They work just fine and all three bulbs are blue attinic. The bulbs are all 96 watts each and are about 10 months old, and have quick connectors on them that are 8ft long. The ballast box has quick connect sockets and seperate switches for each light. I have replaced both ballast in the box, which is very easy to do.
The reflectors were cut on one side to make them fit together so they can be used on a 4 ft tank. Or you can place them long ways and they can fit a 6 ft long tank. The reflectors are mounted on wood strips with eye hooks, so they can be hung over the tank.
I am asking $75.00 for everything and would be willing to meet at one of the LFS in Dover.