Power out in Bear, Del

Woke up this morning around 7:00 to the power being out. Did not know how long it was out and the first thing to come to mind was the reef tanks. Sprang up from bed to the garage to get the generator out(tested it yesterday just in case) and get it running(and hook up the tanks first). Power came back on at about 8:45. The clock on the stove was blinking 6:05. So it would have been 2hrs 45min with no water movement if I did not have the generator. Another good investment for my tanks, let alone additional comfort for the wife and I. But that’s secondary

Lucky that you caught it! I have a backup generator similar to yours, but also an air pump which automatically comes on when the power to the tank goes off.

glad you were able to save everything. ::thumbsup::

the peace of mind that generator brings… PRICELESS! :BEER

How much snow did you get up there?

3-4 inches. But a lot of Ice. A couple downed tree right behind our house. I’m sure it was an ice problem that killed the power