Pre-order Midnight Clownfish

Have a shipment of Midnight Clownfish from Proaquatix arriving Wednesday, June 26th
I’ll cover shipping and fees.
Pickup Time: *TBD
Delivery Location: *Delaware
Payment: ALL Payment will be in advance for this order. (NO Exception) PayPal or Credit Card or cash if you have a way of getting it to me before I place the order. Payment must be received no later than this Thursday, 20th by 12: Noon PM.
PM for payment information.

DRC members “Special” for the Midnight Clownfish $89.99 each or $169.99 pair
These Awesome “Midnight Clownfish”, are ALL black with no stripes!!

(Other Designer Clownfish)
Wyoming White $150
Black Snowflake $99
Black Ice $60
Blacker Ice $70
Bullet Hole Clowns (blacker ice with spots) $85
MIDNIGHT Clowns! ONLY $89.95!!! One pair for Cdangel0
Snowflake $47
Platinum SML $65
Premium Picasso $70
Onyx Picasso $90
Tangerine Albino $44
Black & White Darwin $21
Gold Stripe Maroon $10

Delivery Location: Shipment arrives Wednesday, June 26th, I will be driving from the Poconos (Tobyhanna, PA) into Delaware and meet up at a location off hwy 13. If it’s easier maybe someone wants to pickup the order for everyone. Appreciate your feedback.

Pickup Time: Will be sent Mid-afternoon, ALL buyers please PM your contact# Full name and what you order.

Wish I had seen this 2 days sooner. verdict_in