Preheat the Ovens with 12% OFF Sitewide

Are there ways that you can link the product that are advertise directly to your website, instead of the photobucket? or do I have to go to your website to purchase the product? thank you for your help.

In order for pics to be posted to most forums I have to make a URL on photobucket, otherwise I would only be posting a link and I like to think people like to see pics first lol. I can’t directly link the pictures to the products on the website though (might be a way but I am not that tech-savy lol).

I think people have been thinking if you click on the photos it will direct you to the product, so I apologize for that!

No problem. Next time I’ll just go to the website and check out the product. But, I do see our tech savy IT person took care of the link for you. Thanks Frank and Premium Aquatics for your sponsorship.