Premium Onyx Clownfish

Hello, everyone!

Onyx Spawn #2 is 111 DPH and I’m very pleased with their development. They have matured faster than expected and are already displaying significant amounts of their adult coloration.

As the 4-month mark approaches I have had to consider whether or not they are ready for sale to the public. For the time being, I have decided to delay their release for an additional month. I want to offer the absolute finest in tank bred designer clownfish and I know that these juveniles will benefit from additional time in growout.

I am still planning on having select Premium Onyx Clownfish available at the Delaware Reef Club’s First Annual Frag Swap on Saturday, March 10th. Hope to see you there!

Onyx Spawn #2 (111 DPH)

How much?

Very cool.

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How much?[/quote]

PM Sent.

If enough people show interest I’ll bring a few dozen to the swap and offer a MASSIVE discount. ;D

I would be interested depending on price and will hopefully be at the frag swap depending on when the baby comes

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I would be interested depending on price and will hopefully be at the frag swap depending on when the baby comes[/quote]

Onyx retail for $125-$275 per fish depending on the seller. I price mine at the absolute bottom end of that range, $125 per specimen. And I should point out that these are the original C-Quest Onyx, not just Solomon Islands Perculas that look dark.

I’m thinking that if 5 people commit to making a purchase ahead of time, I’ll give the entire swap a 20% discount. If 10 people commit to making a purchase, I’ll up that to 30%. That would equate to a $75 savings on a pair!

You may want to consider advertising that on fragswapper too. That’s a heck of a deal.

it’s a shame i have a tomato that won’t let anything remotely similar to another clownfish in to her tank.

Onyx Spawn #2 is officially 4 months old today!

I’ve begun the process of pairing off some of the juveniles (I hope to be able to sell them as bonded pairs in about a month). In order to facilitate this, I ordered several picture window breeder boxes and I am very pleased with the quality of this product. As you can see in the video, the potential pairs immediately took to each other and bonding is well under way!

Please excuse the temporary lack of fish on my site while I perform some major inventory management. I ended up moving quite a few fish at a swap this weekend and I have to get everyone sorted out again!

I wanted to give those of you who couldn’t attend the swap a chance at getting your hands on my initially release of Premium Onyx Clownfish so I’ve added four pairs on my site that are available for immediate purchase with free shipping! Get them while you can because I don’t expect them to last long!

How much for local pick up

I’ll knock another $25 off the price for local pickup. I’ll refund $25 on paypal once the purchase is complete.

Looks like one pair sold overnight. Make sure you act fast if you want one!

Clownfish Sushi hits the road next week to check out some great broostock from around the country! Our great selection of fish will still be available for purchase online but there will be no available ship dates April 16-21. Thanks!