Proposed new lights

Does anyone have any suggestions on new lights for a 65 gallon tank with these dimensions? I have most of my sps near the top of my rockwork, some lps in the middle to lower end and my softies mostly near the bottom. I would like to have wifi capability and be able to download different light profiles. I’m not unhappy with the lights I have, just doimg some poking around. Thanks.

What is your price point? If money is no consern i have been a fan of eather a kessil 360 or a radion xr30 and 2 24 (maybe 36) reef brites xho

I just got a bunch of lights from SB Lights ( They have recommendations on what lights to get based on tank size and coral type. I have had 2-32” basic units over my180 for over six months now and am very pleased for the price. I may be able to get you a small discount. Check them out and let me know.

That 36" sbox extreme looks legit! But theyre out of stock. Also the sbar supplemental actinic is interesting. Thanks for the link! I’ll message you if I go this route, but the prices are definitely attractive.

Yea they are reasonably priced and are better than the eBay black boxes in my opinion (which I have had great success with). Here is a picture of my 180 with 2-32” basic boxes.

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Hey Matt, your tank is looking great.

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I really like t-5, of course they don’t have the clear shimmer that kessil LEDs have but I don’t think you will ever beat the even spread of the light.

  • replacing bulbs every 9-12 months
  • higher electric draw
  • limited controllability


  • even spread of light
  • parts are easy to swap out if they ever fail
  • initial investment is probably similar or less than most LED fixtures of comparable coverage
  • coral growth and coloring is outstanding

I sold my Radions after trying ATI t5 , I keep contemplating setting up my Kessils for that beautiful shimmer, but it will take all five to get a comparable spread and PAR. Then I will have hot spots to worry about where they overlap. I just can’t bring myself to take down the T5s

You could have best of both world with a led/T5 hybrid

So many choices it will make your head spin.

Good luck

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Thanks John!! I finally feel like things are starting to settle in!!

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Right now I have a fixture with led bars, 2 t5’s and a mh. I’m not unhappy with it. I’m mostly chasing the colors that you get with the led fixtures, and the controlability with all the channels.

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Reef breeders might be a good option