Purple monticaps

I have 5 pieces of purple monticaps for any one who wants one. They are 4-5-6 inches across. Yes they are free.

Id like to have one Mike.

All yours. Pick one when you get here.

When are you available I think we live fairly close to one another.

You don’t want any Red monti cap do you? Lol I have a few pieces I broke that are about 3 inches.

I live in Bear. No red monticaps. Sunday is the best day. Saturday we are away.

Ok i live in Pinewoods off of 72. I can come Sunday morning if that works for you!

I work 2nd shift so I don’t get up til about 10-10:30. Noon would be good for me if that’s ok.

Sure that works I work 3rd so I know the struggle…Sunday night is my Monday. Lol

Thanks very much for the hook up Mike! Had a good time catching up today!

Your welcome. Yes I enjoyed our conversation. Good to see you again.