Purple tang, lionfish and Brazilian dragon moray, cheap to good homes

Don’t want to do this but need a break, taking care of this big tank is too much. Just want to get the livestock RO good homes then I’ll figure out if I’ll hold onto the equipment/rock etc.

4-5" purple tang $50
5" lionfish $20
Brazilian dragon moray 3ft my baby for 5 years! If you have a great home for him, contact me, we’ll work on the price if he’s going to a great home.

Looking to get rid of these fish ASAP, my sump overflowed and I’m disconnecting it now (think return pump broke and back siphoned and air hole didn’t break it).

Best way to contact me is email Hockey9885@aol.com

Will consider trades for corals (no SPS) I have a small nano I may keep.

Purple tang pending.