Quesiton about my wrasse's health

Ok so at the anniversary sale at DPA this weekend I got a Koralia 1 since someone (I believe Jon) had said something about the Koralia nano being a little low flow for my tank. Well I got it, put it in, and it looks great. However my McCosker’s wrasse won’t come out now and is stressed (his colors got all “splotchy” like when I first put him in the tank). I did a water change thinking maybe it was the water chemistry but still no avail. He is sitting on the bottom of the tank under a rock which was his usual spot when he is hiding. I also got 3 scarlet hermits and a peppermint shrimp. Do you think he is stressing out about the new additions whether alive or not? Should I do anything? Or is there anything else that could make a fish behave this way?

p.s. I wish i could have come to the meeting but I had a Biochem and Insect Taxonomy Lab exam today! :SURRENDER

It could just be that there is a significant amount of flow in the tank now and the wrasse isn’t used to it. Did you swap out a different PH for the Koralia? Or did you just add brand new flow to the tank? have you tried turning the Koralia off for a little while to see if the wrasse comes out of hiding?

I had the koralia nano and now I have the koralia 1. Difference in flow is 240 GPH to 400 GPH. That is what I am hoping is the problem. He seems to be regaining color now and moving a little more under his rock so I think maybe in a few days he will be out. If not I’m leaving Friday to go home for break and hopefully he will just sort of get comfy during then!

If nothing else in the tank had changed I would assume he just isn’t used to the flow, give him a few days and see if it gets used to it.

Lower the lights and feed him. They stress less when their little tummies are full. PBJ!

If you’re worried it may be flow and things are not back to 100% normal, I would pull the new power head out and pop the old one.

You remember how we talked about not changing too much right before you leave… :wink: That way you know things have been set in there ways for a while and you know the tank runs well the way it is. Lots of threads on the forums which talk about problems during vacations include the words, “right before we left for vacation, I …”. Perhaps many people come to realization when typing those words that they shouldn’t have tried to change anything right before they left.

"Do you think he is stressing out about the new additions whether alive or not? " I am a HUGE proponent of a qt tank. Some may argue the point, but any time you introduce any wet items to you’re tank you are potential introduce pests which include… fish disease.

It is also possible that when acclimating the new fish, doing water changes, switching up flow, and all that you just stressed the guy a little bit. He had just gotten comfortable in his new home when these “giant hands came from the sky” as Craig would say.

Hope it is doing better. Still waiting to see some good pictures. :wink:

Yeah, the problem was I was having a bit of cyano outbreak and I wanted to change up the flow cause I read somewhere that that can affect it and I didn’t want to come back to a huge hostile take over. The hermits seemed to get it cleaned up though and so did siphoning the rest out.

And even better news, the wrasse came out today. I took the turkey baster and put a few pellets on the sand by his outpost last night and he was out this morning like nothing ever happened! So that is good. I was planning on if he didn’t come out by tomorrow on switching the flow back to the old koralia because I would be extremely nervous leaving him and not knowing if he was going to come out for the automatic feeder. That is why I got it a week before I left and not the day before I left lol. :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha but if I had bought it the day before I left, it wouldn’t have gone in until I got back. I like testing my equipment before I leave and seeing the effects rather than hoping it doesn’t mess up. Which is why I bought the auto-top off as soon as I got the tank! lol

Maybe I will get out my good film SLR camera and see if I can get some good pictures. Here is my most recent video I put onto youtube because my family wanted to see how they were doing. My mom is obsessed with the Bicolor Blenny so she loves the video. 24 Gallon Aquapod - YouTube Some corals have been moved. You can see how many nass. snails are in there now, they are all those little black dots on the sand lol.

Glad to hear all is well.

Sweet video.

If you do break out the camera def post pics here. Good luck with classes the next week or so.


Looking good! Nice video!