Question for reptile keepers

Any of you guys use the ceramic heat elements? Any issues with it? I’ve always used tape, but I am picking up a couple of box turtles and I think that the tape will be tough to do in their new home.

I used one and it worked fine except for the fact that my bearded needed more visible light to get moving. I may one day switch back if I ever get the 4’ UV tubes hooked up, but before I only had a 2’ and it wasn’t enough light alone. I had no other issue with it though.

Jon, do you feel like the heat output was about equal to a spotlight?

Oh yeah, may have been more, but that may have also been because I changed wattage? Not sure. I plan on working on his tank and upgrading his lighting with in the next week I’ll try playing around with it again and double check the wattage I used. Headed out the door now.