Rare Polynesian Flame Tail Hawkfish Color Change?

Interesting story about our Rare Polynesian Flame Tail Hawkfish that I would like to share with everyone! We got in four Polynesian Flame Tail Hawkfish for the first time ever with our last French Polynesian shipment from our collection station located in Tahiti. These fish are extremely rare and this is the first time they have been available to the aquarium trade. They are collected in very remote islands of French Polynesia. We still have two of the four Flame Tail Hawkfish available for sale. These fish have been housed in adjacent cubicles at our facility for the five weeks that we have had them. A dramatic color change has occurred in one of the Flame Tail Hawkfish at our facility. Both of these fish originally looked like the top photo and the second one, as you can see, completely changed to a bright golden color. From the research we have conducted, we think that the color change must be due to a dominance display and/ or male and female interaction, but considering the rarity of these fish, it is definitely hard to say. Any suggestions?

If anyone is interested in purchasing both or either of these extremely rare fish they are on sale for $199.99 each from their original price of $295.00 each. This is a great deal considering their rarity! Email me (Alyssa) at alyssa@pacificeastaquaculture.com if you are interested in purchasing one or both of these awesome fish!

These fish and all of our French Polynesian fish are quarantined at our collection station for two months prior to our French Polynesian partners shipping them to us. All fish eat pellet food and frozen foods of various types before they are shipped to Pacific East Aquaculture. We quarantine all fish for a minimum of two weeks before they become available for sale.

We also have 4 Black tangs available, one Pink-line Wrasse and Flame Hawkfish too!

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