Rasta Zoanthids and Nassarius Snails Special!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, your favorite vendor just picked up a large colony of Rasta Zoanthids and Nassarius Snails. We’re running a special on these two items in hopes that we’ll get them out of here QUICK!

Rasta Prices are:

3 polyps = $35
5 polyps = $55
10 polyps = $100
15 polyps = $140
20 polyps = $180

We will ship 10 Nassarius Snails for FREE with a 3,5, or 10 polyp Rasta purchase and 20 FREE Nassarius Snails with the purchase of 15 or 20 polyps.

If you would like to only purchase Nassarius Snails we will be selling them for the following prices:

20 Snails for $10
50 snails for $20

Remember that we do not believe in ridiculous shipping prices, so we charge $15 flat rate within 250 miles.

Buy yours today! They’re going fast!