Recent visit

Listening to Ted and son rave about the Frazer Zoo finally piqued my curiosity enough to pay it a visit. I took my son to check out the shark tank at Nemos and stopped at the zoo on the way home. First off, wow! I spoke to the manager Mike for well over an hour and i cant say enough nice things about the guy. Also the kid in the fishroom(sorry didnt catch your name) kind of blew me away with how much he knew about the hobby for such a young age. I ended up getting three really nice frags, a lord, a duncan, and some zoas.

Although the size of the store is tiny, the coral selection is top notch. Super healthy tanks, amazing customer service, and unbelievable prices. Everything i got opened up within minutes of putting them in my frag tank. Its definitley a store worth checking out if you havent already. Ill be making another trip after payday ;D

Told ya …

TFZ is one of my fav’s. I’ll likely be there the next three weekends taking the boys to and from camp.

i imagine it will likely become my new fav as well!

Stopped up there today, picked up some nice stuff.