Red Sea C-Skim 1800, new feed pump and The CO2 Scrubber for sale

Since I went skimmerless, I cleaned my skimmer in vinegar and have it for sale with new in box Redsea feed pump. Used (8mo), excellent features.
Also comes with BRS co2 scrubber and new cartridge, if you have low ph problems this is the solution. Raised my ph from 7.8 to over 8.2, cartridge lasts few mo.
Color Changing Medical Grade CO2 Absorbent - Low Dust (NIB) good for 6 mo to year
$200 for everything.

Hey Rosti -any interest in selling the scrubber seperate?

No, I whould like to sell them together. Thank you for asking.


Skimmer back for sale

Pm sent. I will not be on till tonight to check reply.