Reef crystals or IO?

i have always used IO but I am thinking about switching over. I know it has more alk and ca but what else does it have? has anyone here used one and switched to the other? What were your results? I dose 180ml of two part a day and am wondering If I use reef crystals will the amount of 2 part change and if so how much? Any info appreciated.

I doubt that the amount will change, just you will get a little more time before dosing will be needed.

The levels may be higher in the salt mix, but if you are using 180ml a day that will not change.

I agree with Pat. ive switched up from IO to RC a couple months ago and found i dont need to add extra magnesium to my new salt water mix now. a water change brings the tank up. but then it still uses the same amount per day or week after that. if you are doing frequent smaller water changes, you might need to tweak the dose rate down just a little. because you get a little extra dose with the Water change.

I switched over to Reef Crystals about a year ago and I like it. I do not add anything to a new batch of mixture. With the addition of your new frag tank now having more corals in your entire system, I think switching over to reef Crystals would be a good move for you. IMO

yeah i think i might I really don’t add anything to new water now so if its closer to my tank then that’ll be good my alk is on the low end anyway so maybe just IO is closer to my water

I mix a 50 gal bag of rc in 45 gal of ro water that will give me 1.026sg. I add 17ml of mag to bring the mag to 1500 also add 2 tsp of alk buffer to a new mix cal is at 450 so no need to add that. Imo I would switch to rc as io is missing a lot of what the corals need and use daily

sounds good i need to get more if you are having a sale on it i would like to get some.

Tim, check out Dr. Foster and Smith website. I get the 200 gal box for $53.99 and because it is over $49, you get free shipping. GREAT DEAL!!!