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Please welcome new sponsor 2023 Reef Nerd Aquatics!
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β€œReef Nerd Aquatics is a privately operated marine aquarium livestock vendor based in Anne Arundel County, MD. We offer a wide variety of high quality corals that we aquaculture in house or source from trusted U.S. based wholesalers for purchase by marine aquarium enthusiasts across the country. Additionally, we diligently culture, bottle, and offer several species of both copepods and phytoplankton. We make purchasing from us easy by offering all available stock for sale online at where photos of the actual products offered can be viewed so you know exactly what you are purchasing. We make receiving your new corals, copepods, and phytoplankton easy as well by offering local pickup or by shipping directly to you using well insulated and secure packaging and fast shipping methods. We strive to provide responses to inquiries in a timely manner and are available by phone, email, messenger, or social media. We care about the quality and health of our livestock and appropriately medicate and quarantine all corals as we receive them to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Reef Nerd Aquatics is dedicated to bringing the coral reefs of the world to your home in the cleanest, safest, most responsible, and most competitively priced manner.
That’s just smart reefing!”

That you for your sponsorship. We. Really appreciate it.

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Really awesome to deal with. I have bought coral, phyto, and pods.

Buy with confidence from Reef Nerd Aquatics!

Thanks for supporting our club!