Replacement lights for 24g aquapod?

I am looking for both the 32w dual actinic and the 32w dual daylight for my aquapod. One side of the actinic blew awhile ago but hasn’t been replaced since we plan on buying a bigger tank once we move, however we came home to the daylight blub gone as well now. If anyone has either of these two available or knows where we can get them fast/cheap please let me know. Going to call fishbowl tomorrow. I know I shouldn’t replace both at the same time but I don’t really have a choice now. Will probably do the daylight first since it completely blew, then wait a week or so to swap out the actinics.

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Myself. Pm you my number

Grab a used one then once you price them out price out a replacement light as well. Lots of sights sell retrofit replacement lights. I’ve never purchased one myself, but I’m pretty sure they are out there for an aquapod. If you can find LEDs it would be well worth it and likely pay for itself in electrical savings. Those old PC bulbs are expensive. LEDs last many many years and use less electric. Just be careful not to shock your animals will too much light at a time.

Wow my ne tablet iss going to take some time to master typing on. Above post was really chopped up. I am used to a real keyy board.

Not sure if this link would be of any use to you but I am looking at going LED and found these diy kits for biocube and jbj tanks.

Thanks guys just looking for a quick replacement used is fine, by upgrading I ment a whole new tank ;D we are out growing this one but can’t buy a bigger one until we move at the end of the month. Sending pm to you martinfamily.