Requests Heard - Here is a Good Option for a Clean Up Crew

[center][center]Requests Heard - Here is a Good Option for a Clean Up Crew whether you have a Smaller tank or just need a ReCharge.

When planning for a clean up crew, most hobbyists forget the essential rules. You must have a balanced equation. What this means is that you need the eaters and poopers to be in balanced proportions. To many poopers, not enough eaters, you will have a serious algae outbreak.Â

Hermits are great for cleaning up - from left over food, detritus, poop and more - they will eat it. Nassarius snails do an excellent job of removing dead, or decaying waste. Algae grazing snails are great - but always remember - if they dont have enough algae to eat, they will die and then the battle starts again with phosphates, nitrates and nitrites being available to feed the nuisance algae due to the death of the snails. This crew of reef cleaners is a fantastic Sampler Pack with 50 critters for Under $20 with FREE shipping. [/center][/center]

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That’s a great deal. I ordered 2.

I just ordered from these guys. They provide a lot of livestock for the money. I finally got everything by the 3rd shipment but I got it all.

It says out of stock. Will they be getting any more in?

This was really priced competitively. I probably would have also ordered.

Good luck.

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Good luck.[/quote]
I was being nice…+1^^^

I’ve ordered from them a few times, only ever had an issue with 1 order.