Return Pump Upgrade for AIO JBJ


So im am looking to upgrade my return pump on my main display which is a 45g JBJ AIO. Currently there are 2x cheap pumps , which one seems to work sometimes. I also do not like the fact i have 2 pumps there.

So with this said I am looking to upgrade. I wanted an Echotech S1 but it is disconntinued and the S2 is out oof stock everywhere the last 5 month. I think echotech makes one unit a month because supply is always out of stock. I may just drive there and try to buy it lol.

Anyway I am also looking at the Hydor Seltz D DC Controllable Utility and Return Pump, 1000 GPH &
Price is not a concern but I do not want to overspend if i do not have too. here the prices are very diff but so is the GPH.

Any thoughts or advice is welcome. Currently running Echotech M2 on another tank.

Can you fit an S pump back there? I’d think even an MJ1200 would be a decent pump for a tank that size. Do you need a controllable pump?

Im not sure it will fit to be honest. but it may be just too big which is why i looked at the other two units. I wanted a control option so i could turn it down some if needed. I could probably go with no control , but i need something reliabale and that can pump into a 2 return system. I have 2 outlets so i need to combine it to one tube from the return pump. the MJ seems like a good fit but is it more than i need?

I think an MJ would be a good fit. I ran one in my 24g AIO and it was a little too strong. If you have filtration in the rear chambers you don’t want your flow to be too fast back there.

Do you have other power heads in the tank itself?

I think the MJ will be the best fit actually. I have an overpowered mp40 running at 15%. would get a mp10 but I finally got the flow right lol. Currently only my left side return pump is working , so with a new pump hoping to have both sides working and adding some different flow variation.

my entire sump is in the back but my laft side is my major mechanical filtration. The mp40 pushes towards the left. at first it sounded so nice. now i can say you cant beat a sump under the tank.

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