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Hey Andy if your on I have a question for you. When I was in there the other day you were showing me how to the plumbing and I want to double check how you told me to position the return in my main tank.

Awwww no fair!!!

The rest of us like answering plumbing questions to!!!

I run my return lines close to the surface of the water so in the event of a power outage I limit the back-siphoning from the return. My AGA return does not have a anti-siphon hole drilled in it as your perfecto unit does. PM’ing you my cell # now.

I still wanted to answer.

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I still wanted to answer.[/quote]
I wanted you to too… less liability for me being wrong! lol


I was hoping other people would answer just in case he wasnt on plus the more info the better so please keep on giving the advice we are working on it right now. But now theres a problem with the live rock i have had sitting in a real qt those bugs might be bad but not sure yet was hoping to find out tonight but no luck yet. I hope it is that shit is expensive. So if theres any info you want to give me or think I need please post. We are beginners so a lot of information all once makes go crazy and forget things

99.9999% of bugs found on our rock are good critters. Don’t let Jon scare you, he does that to all the newbies. lOl Has he shown you the video of his isopod hosting rock fish “Seager” yet?

Not sure what your question on the plumbing actually is or I would have answered it in my original post.

ok my :TWOCENTS if you have holes in return jets that should keep from syphoning back. you can also add check valve on lines going from pump if no holes. Dr macs usually has live rock for 3.99 lb. What bugs are we talking bout? picture or names?

Im not sure hes looking at them under microscope couldnt tell what they were. They are small and light brown in color. He thinks they may be fish lice I am SO GLAD I actually put it in a qt to make sure due to the issues with my main tank at the time. But again not sure so wanted to double check and be absolutely possitive thats what it is. I Know from now on whenever I get something I will be quaranting it first I know alot of people dont and I never did before but that bug is a serious one.

ok do they look like fleas or lice…they are probably pods which you want as many in tank as can. look at few pics of pods and compare.

Hey Andy sorry to bother you but is it cool if we call u i wasnt sure with it being so late

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