It has been a long time since we had a Club ROAD TRIP up to the Atlantis Aquarium out on Long Island. How long has it been since we last went up there in the summer? Six? , Seven? Years or more? Can anyone remember?
I think it might be nice to work on planning another summer trip, after our regular meeting season. Heres a new 1 HOUR video tour of the main 20,000 Gallon Reef tank.

It is so spell binding the time will just fly watching it. The last time we went as a club we got a guided Tour by the founder, Joe himself . The tank, the walk ways and equipment rooms above the tank, the labs and culture tank rooms.

Absolutely Fabulous!

I wonder if we could arrange that again?

If anyone is interested?

I’m in! Seeing this tank is on my bucket list.

Trips are on my list of things to do

I might be in as long as im not working

If families can come, I’d be in.