Roadkill cook-off

Heading to West Va

Okay just the first picture almost made me hurl. Couldn’t even make it into the story.

Yummmm!! nothing like a little fresh tarmac pizza cooking in the hot noon day sun. Hey, for a little spice and pizzaz, I do recall dodging zillions of road kill turtles on the old road to Peach Bottom Atomic Power Plant every spring or early summer. seems to be their spawning season or something. For some unknown reason, Every turtle in the county wants to cross the road. … and … SPALAT!!! nice big ones, too.

I liked :“Judges will deduct points for every chipped tooth resulting from gravel not removed from the RoadKill,” the official rules warn." was not aware than w virginians had that many teeth left to chip. lOl unlike this guy here