Saltcreep's (john) TTOTM

Here’s my tank tour i showed at last nights meeting…

Video looked great John ::thumbsup::

Very nice. Your tank is doing great. Very good growth going on in there.

Great Video John. But too long. hehehehehe. Great looking tank, hope to see in person some day.

Thanks Bill, John and A ! If you’re ever going to be near DPA (1 minute away) and would like to stop by your always welcome, just shoot me a pm! and the DRC BBQ is at my tank house next month PBJ!

Awesome video John!!!

No matter how good the video is, the tank looks better in person. Can’t wait to see it again at the BBQ!! :BEER

Wow John. Looks like your tank is coming along and filling in. Really jealous of the YouTube video. I really have to get around to learning how to make a video like that. You have some very sweet photos mixed in there as well. Good job.

very sorry i missed it. great looking tank both on the vid and in person

Thanks Pat! Paul thanks, and sorry you got a flat tire verdict_in
Jon thanks! and the video’s are actually pretty easy once you get into it. I personally used imovie for it, but chris uses windows movie maker i believe, and said its easy also.

“i” products for the selfish american’s who just care about “i” and no one else, lol. Never been a apple fan, but I’m old school and behind the times.

Any big plans for changes with your system in the future?