Saltwater Shipment 7/23

We got a great shipment of both corals and fish over the weekend so come on by while supplies last!

Here are some pictures to give you an idea of some of the shipment.


Our beautiful new unique Zoa’s, get a frag while they last!

Finally some more of the popular pink Zoa’s we got in last time:

Make sure to come on by while supplies last!


We stoped in on sat, while da were moping the floor… Got some 50micron cloth for the returns, micro stuff for the refuge.

I got that nice little pink and green Chalice frag yesterday, front row, third from the left. the lavender one i bought a couple months ago is doing good, so i thought i would try another color. grow some nice specimens for that future big tank i may set up , someday.

oohh nice stuff might have to stop in on thursday or so…hopefully you still have some of those zoa frags those are sweet