Saltwater Shipment July 29, 2013

Today we received a fantastic saltwater order. Everything came in healthy and beautiful. Great for any FOWLR system, we received a Bluethroat Trigger, a Humu Trigger, and a Yellow Leaf Fish. We also have a True Falcula Butterfly, Yasha Hase gobies, and an X-Large Juv. Koran Angel. These fish as well as many more have our tanks fully stocked.

On the invert line we have a new shipment of turbo snails, electric blue hermits, red-leg hermits, and XX-Large Flame Scallops. This Thursday we are expecting a second order to include emerald crabs, peppermint shrimp, mixed gorgonians, fighting conchs, scarlet hermits, and blue-leg hermits.

The best part of our shipment, however, is above and away our corals. Premium elegance corals, neon favias, long and short tentacle plates, as well as hammers, welsos, and mushrooms line our displays. Along with other pieces, this is by far one of our best shipments of the summer!

Come in and see for yourself!