Saltwater Shipment October 21, 2013

A great saltwater order arrived today with many notable standouts. On the invert line, we received an order of sea hares—the perfect addition to a large tank’s clean-up crew. We also have a stunning purple lobster, whose color goes unmatched. In terms of fish, we ordered a few species that we haven’t had in a while. For example, we have a longnose hawkfish, a blue throat trigger, and a cigar wrasse. The cigar wrasse is especially interesting as it has an awesome coloration and a great deal of personality! We also got a batch of fat and happy copperband butterflies, a vibrant bicolor angel, yellow watchman gobies, royal grammas and more!

Also, we ordered more Real Reef Rock! It was a great seller when we introduced it just a few months ago, and it looks just as good this time. Come in and take a look! It’s a wonderful alternative to harvested Fiji rock, without the unnecessary concern of hitchhikers!

I’ll vouch for that rock! I was in there yesterday and that tank was packed pull of good looking rock.