Selling it all...getting out completely!!!!

Hello all due to disability and health issue!!! I’ve decided it’s time to get out! Mentally and physically I can’t handle the strain with water changes and the time it’s takes from me daily. I will miss this great hobby, but I need to be stress free and look for a hobby that does not required lifting or carry water. As for the retailing side I gave it a good run for the pass 8 years, many know I had great prices and sold healthy fish and corals. I think the stress kicked in when we were setting up the store in the Poconos and Hurricance Sandy totally destroyed it just seveal weeks before the Grand Opening, loosing about $10K in life stock alone and not accounting for the dry goods and displays and construction work that added over $15K mentally it hurt and that was the more reason we moved to the sunshine state.

The website will be going down soon. Most of the equipment are pending to local hobbyists, local stores and future breeders.

I have (9) pairs of designer clownfish…all are breeder size.
Those that been in the hobby for quite awhile knows this hobby is not cheap, especially for adult size designer clownfish that are close to spawning. Designer pairs can easily sell from $300 to $500. And if your getting them ship, don’t forget the shipping fees. That be said I’m going to make this affordable and the best deal you will ever see in your internet shopping, especially for those that are cheap…LOL
This is going to be a big win for that one buyer, that means I’m selling all (9) pairs as a package only. Like I said I’m done and I will not ship individual pairs, too much work…end of story.
All (9) pairs for $1800 shipped to your door via FedEx Priority. Guaranteed Arrive Alive
List below
Wyoming White
Black Photon
Premium Black Ice
Premium Snowflake
Regarding the pairs! Size of the pairs looking at the females from 2.75" - 3"+
Males 1.75" - 2.5"
If you have any interest contact me by phone direct, and will be happy to answer any question you might have. No texting I’m old school, I rather talk then texting back and forth. Again I will not sell any pairs seperately. So don’t ask, sorry. Maybe create a GB amongs yourself and save yourself even more money!!. But it does not get better than this.

Anyway, fair well to all of you!!!

Best of luck to you. I can sincerely empathize with the daily struggle of maintaining growout tanks.

I took a year off. It’s nice to enjoy the broodstock just as pets for awhile.

Thank you

This would be great sets of raffles for the swap!!! YahoO