Selling off some hammer

Selling some hammer I have a colony of 50-60 heads will sell the whole thing for $250 or$7 per head
Located In south jersey 08091

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Holy cow! How long has that been growing?

I would say around 8 years it started out about 15 heads it’s now around 200
I must be doing something rite

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Would you be willing to ship??

I would like to take some off your hands if they are still available.
I sent you a PM

Thanks for the awesome hammers!@bighead
They are happy and looking great in the corner of my tank.
If anyone was thinking of grabbing any of these I think there are still some left. Super clean, healthy tank, these hammers are beautiful!
Thanks again!

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if Hammers are hardy, i could be talked into trying one as a test coral for my biocube :slight_smile: