Semi-Onyx Clownfish for Sale!

What’s a Semi-Onyx Clownfish, you ask? It’s a brand-new category of clownfish now available at!

Our Semi-Onyx Clownfish (Amphiprion percula) are the 1st generation offspring of a C-Quest Onyx male and a C-Quest Onyx female. They share the same gene pool as their Onyx brethren and while they display the characteristic black dorsal fin of an Onyx, they also exhibit orange pigmentation between the body and tail stripe. The rich black coloration that makes these such a highly sought-after clownfish will continue to develop over the next year. They are very hardy and very easy to care for.

You still get a jet-black dorsal fin and the true C-Quest Onyx lineage for HALF THE PRICE of an Onyx! Get yours today for just $75!