*** September meeting ***

Hey everybody,

I hope everyone had an awesome summer, but the kids are back to school and so are we. Our September meeting is going to be next Monday 9/15 and should be a lot of fun. I’ll have a brief power point going over the basics of an aesthetically pleasing aquascape and then a demonstration of some techniques to pull it off. Then we’re going to raffle off the dry rock for the GT prize. So if you’re looking to get rid of that giant wall of rock or your ready to set up that new tank, then you definitely need to come to this months meeting.

Ps. they’ll be frags and free food as always.

Update: BRS will be donating the Pukani Live Rock of our aquascaping demonstration. Check it out here:

I hope I can make it, my work schedule is crazy busy.

Tell me about it todd. I have all intentions of making the october meet if I’m out of here as scheduled

Welcome back from summer break. Please join us for our September meeting next Monday night September 15th at 7pm. As always the meetings will be held in the cafeteria of William Penn HS in New Castle, De.

Again, Reminder: Do to new security rules it is imperative that you be at the school as close to 7pm as possible as the external doors are now locked full time as we will need to station someone by the door to let people in

DIY Demonstration:

Bryant will show us a demonstration of how to and technique of aquascaping.

Also, a cheap way of DIY frag plugs by me.

There will be free food

Frags - as always we will have frags available for the raffle.

Golden Ticket Prize will be the dry rocks that we use for Bryant’s demo

Please join us for 2 hr of fun filled talk and demonstrations that will leave you satisfied and informed! :-)lol

I plan on being there -

Is anyone bringing frags or anything for sale / trade?

If anyone’s interested in any of the equipment I have up for sale, I can bring that stuff with me as well. I would also accept trades for some of the equipment too.

Hey all

II sent a few jems down there for your meeting hope you all enjoy

Little update on our meeting Monday night. BRS could not get the rocks to us in time for our aquascape demo. We will continue with the slide presentation of the how to and technique of aquascaping and of course still DIY frag plugs.

GT prize has been change to 2 Jebao WP-25 and an acro colony which has been graciously donated by AJ of CoralFarmerNY. Thanks AJ for the coral.

Of course free food, drinks and frags for raffle. Please join us.

Well, I don’t think I’m going to make it tonight, I have a bid due tomorrow and am still waiting on a bunch of things to come in.

Hope you guys have a good time.

No problem Todd. We’ll see ya next time.


I am going to try to send corals your way for your meetings every month. Always willing to help out.

Wow! AJ. We greatly appreciate your generosity. Looking forward to doing more business with CoralFarmerNY in the future.

More update for tonight’s meeting:

We are going back to our original plan at our meeting with aquascape demo. We just receive our rocks from BRS for the demo.

GT prize will revert back to the BRS rocks as well. We’ll keep the WP-40 for next month GT.


if any one is interested we have a whole sale account with BRS and would be more then glad to set up a order with the club.

[quote=“CoralFarmerNY, post:13, topic:7559”]

if any one is interested we have a whole sale account with BRS and would be more then glad to set up a order with the club.[/quote]

Thanks AJ. We could possibly do something in the future.

Great meeting as usual. Little bit low on the turn out, but all in all still a great meeting. Thanks to Bryant for the aquascape presentation and demonstration. Also, who knew that he would win the GT rocks as well and those were some nice Pukani rocks donated by BRS, thanks BRS for the donation.

Scott and Diane won the GT colony acro that was donated by CoralFarmerNY, thanks again AJ for the colony. Again, all in all was a great meeting and I believe everyone won something from the raffle that had purchase the tickets.

Thanks everyone for showing up and we’ll see you again next month.

Thanks for everything A. Good meeting. Bryant made drilling rock and piling it in impossible positions on fiberglass rods look easy! Nice presentation, and Bryants slide show on the mathematical science of Aquascaping too! Very good. And hey, I won some zoos!

Glad you enjoyed it Ken!

I hope I inspired some people to re-do their aquascapes. Post pics if you do!!