Shark egg ?

Hi. I’ve got a banded cat shark egg. I can see there is a yolk still, but the fish is swimming in circles inside the egg and the yolk doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Is this normal. Is he ready to go? Any ideas

Not sure how long you have the egg, but it does take a while, up to four months for it to hatch. Also, have heard that once the yoke is gone and if it hasn’t come out of the shell by it self, one can carefully cut the shell to help it on its way.

Also noted. As juveniles they are often difficult to get to eat and most don’t do well from there. If some how you can get them to eat right away you may be able to keep it alive. Also, hopefully you do have a proper size tank for them to grow into. They do grow up to at least 41" and recomended size tank is minimum 180 gallon.

Good luck.