Short Clip of my tank

Short clip of my tank.

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Beautiful! I really enjoy seeing SPS loaded tanks like yours. :+1:

Thanks, colors don’t show true with an IPhone but the SPS is growing so quickly since I installed the Trident and I am managing my levels better.

Stunning tank! I would stare at that alllllll day!!

I was looking at the Trident, still undecided. How long have you had it running on your tank?

About 10 months now. I have the DOS dosing pump connected to the Trident so when my alkalinity drops it doses to bring it back up. I have a Ca Reactor and between the two my alkalinity stays very stable. Never had such great growth from my SPS.

Very, very nice! Inspires the rest of us to keep going! :slight_smile:

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Looks great Mike.

Mike’s tank and setup is amazing!! I saw it in person about a month ago and I hope my tank looks like that someday!!