should i move derasa away from the glass?

this guy is a regular nomad, he’s moved about 10 inches in one direction turned completely around now has moved back about 3 inches, but his mantle is just turned up against the side of the tank. i know he’s healthy, but is this good for him?
i love the different color underneath, tho

dont see y it would bother him, as long as he is still getting light for food. besides, HE MOVED THERE!!! he will move away if its a problem. very nice clam btw

Yup Paul

 Surely need to move him. You can move him right to my tank  :P Otherwise leave it alone

those were the answers i spected.
so sorry, bill. he said he likes the view in smyrna and wants to stay. otherwise, i’d for sure bring him to keep my trachy company.

It’s just like it ran up against a rock in the wild. Don’t see it bothering it. Might make cleaning the glass in that area a pain though. I could be wrong, I don’t believe it would bother the animal, but does it bother you?

cleaning is impossible, but, as far as my being bothered, jon, it’s not the traditional look of a clam, but i kinda like the green underside of the mantle.

If it isn’t bothering the clam I’d def leave it, I agree it gives you a chance to see the cool underside of the mantle
one of my maximas wanders around and I have to move him sometimes…

yep! he’s stayin until he moves himself.